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We're warming up the winter on February 8th, 08

In the interest of being awesome Candystore has decided to play a winter show. I'm pretty sure we promised you that we would hibernate all winter, but a couple of kids came by and poked us with sticks and woke us up. ...don't worry... we ate them.

We're very excited to be playing with 3 GREAT bands that we really respect: Second Class Citizen, Owen Sartori and Singlespeed. I'd give you links to their awesomeness, but alas, my webpage editor is broken so I'm using a text editor and I don't want to go look up all the codes that I need to program in HTML properly... so this website update is probably going to be:
A. Really bad looking
B. Impossible to read
C. Both

We'll be headlining this show which means we'll be playing late - 11:30ish. We can also play as long as we want so we're busting out some old gems and some stuff that we haven't really played very much live. It should be interesting.

Come down to The Nomad World Pub and make us feel good. We'll all snuggle and keep warm together. Buy one of these at Costco just in case the roads are bad: Emergency Supply Kit!

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Ladies and Gentlemen - Chad has left the building
Chad will be forever missed.

If you're looking for the best Tour Manager or Front Of House Engineer or Recording Engineer or Band Management you will want to contact Chad.
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Now More Locations!

Candystore C/D's now available through these retailers.


Aardvark Records Near Central and Lowry in NE Minneapolis.
C/D Warehouse 10 Metro area and 1 St. Cloud location.
Cheapo 3 Metro Area locations, including Fridley.
Down In The Valley 4 locations in the west Metro.
Electric Fetus - C/D's also available online! Also St. Cloud & Duluth.
Know Name Records 2 Metro locations. 1 near U of M.
Roadrunner Records 1 Minneapolis location.
Treehouse Records formerly Oarfolkjokeopus.


If you missed the c/d release show on May 1st,
you can read a review of it at

How Was The

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